This Rain Will Never Stop (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 43m

Scattered across Ukraine, Germany, and Kurdish Iraq, the Suleyman family initially fled Syria during the civil war only to encounter new conflicts and unwelcoming neighbors. Youngest son Andriy unsteadily navigates his new home in Ukraine, working as a Red Cross volunteer and helping those affected by the military conflict. Despite the rewarding work, his feelings of displacement are only exacerbated by visits to his extended family, until an untimely death sets him on a journey to return to his unstable homeland. The cyclical nature of war permeates this emotionally arresting film, with Andriy acting as our resilient guide. And while the elliptical storytelling brings into focus the recurrent fighting that upends families, director Gorlova gives us moments of joy and connection that offer hope for peaceful days ahead. (AC) [Teleported T/F]


Alina Gorlova

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