Shorts: Sturgeon 73 (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 13m

Meditations on place, identity, and ritual connect these six short films. A Seminole Tribe in the Everglades carries a collective memory of alligator wrestling in Halpate (dirs. Adam Piron & Adam Khalil, 14 min). Superstition surrounds the production of a film in Thailand in Lemongrass Girl (dir. Pom Bunsermvicha, 17 min). In The Cut (dir. Zac Manuel, 7 min) the traditions of a black barbershop in New Orleans transform during the pandemic. The Flooded House (dir. Lucía Malandro, 14 min) shares decaying footage of a past life in Uruguay while piecing together family trauma. Taxi drivers in both Hong Kong and mainland China discuss the 2019 protests in Red Taxi (dir. Anonymous, 14 min). The I and S of Lives (dir. Kevin Jerome Everson, 7 min) presents a black man on roller skates gliding peacefully around Black Lives Matter plaza. (AG) [Teleported T/F]

Shorts included in this program:

Lemongrass Girl
The Cut
The Flooded House
The I and S of Lives