Shorts: Stag 67 (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 7m

Masculinity, in all its fragility, is held up to the light. Brontosaurus (dir. Jack Dunphy, 8 min) allows the filmmaker to reflect upon an abandoned love affair and his miscalculation of emotions. The volatile history of lobbyist and NRA leader Harlon Carter finds daylight through meticulously researched archival material in The Rifleman (Sierra Pettengill, 18 min). Why Don’t You Eat More? (dirs. George Du & Sinclair Neff, 4 min) shares a vulnerabile self-portrait of body image and distorted eating. A military school in Russia recruits young boys from dysfunctional families in The Golden Buttons (dir. Alex Evstigneev, 20 min). In Das Spiel (dir. Roman Hodel, 17 min), a soccer referee must keep a level head lest the crowd erupt into violence. (DW) [Teleported T/F] Shorts included in this program:

Das Spiel
The Golden Buttons
The Rifleman
Why Don’t You Eat More?