Shorts: Coyote 77 (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 17m

The eponymous trickster watches over these sly experiments in modern meaning and visionary expression. Department of Injustice (dirs. Travis Wood & Chloe Gbai, 6 min), asks: what would a phone service for accountability regarding police violence sound like? A Portugeuse town employs both spiritual and practical methods as they weather cyclical natural disasters in Spirits and Rocks: An Azorean Myth (dir. Aylin Gökmen, 14 min), In VO (dir. Nicolas Gourault, 17 min) we consider the human element of self-driving cars. Maat Means Land (dir. Fox Maxy, 17 min) invites us into a refreshingly fearless collage-like juxtaposition of the digital and physical worlds. Meanwhile in Nebraska, The Truth About Hastings (dir. Dan Schneidkraut, 10 min) follows Marjorie’s 93rd birthday descent into darkness. (DW) [Teleported T/F]
Shorts included in this program:

Department of Injustice
Maat Means Land
Spirits and Rocks: An Azorean Myth
The Truth About Hastings