No Kings (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 25m

The warm sun shines on the Brazilian waterfront, with the smell of salty ropes and rotted jackfruit permeating the air. In the isolated but self-sufficient Caiçara community, fishermen repair their nets by hand while Lucimara, a precocious, determined young girl, leads her friends to a tide pool to see what they can catch. This gauzy, sensuous debut from filmmaker Mello explores this secluded and diverse village, with residents descended from indigenous people, escaped African slaves, and European pirates. With her inquisitive lens, Mello is very much a part of this film, receiving poems from the vibrantly smiling Ismail and being peppered with questions about her heritage by Lucimara. The Brazilian government looms just offscreen, creeping in to modernize the Caiçara, but the residents of this seaside hamlet remain committed to stewarding both land and sea. (AC) [Teleported T/F]


Emilia Mello



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No Kings QA

No Kings QA with director Emilia Mello