From the Wild Sea (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 18m

Along the shore, beachgoers watch in awe as an uncaged and anxious seal fidgets its way back into its natural habitat. Although it’s happy to return home, its life in the ocean remains a day-to-day battle, with ferocious storms, pollution, and propeller boats all contributing to the demise of aquatic species. From the Wild Sea is told from both human and animal perspectives and shot on the shores of the North Sea during the coronavirus pandemic. We follow field support officer Dan Jarvis as he navigates the stormy coast of Cornwall. His vision of the future is somber, as is that of his close collaborator James Barnett, a veterinarian whose pathological research focuses on the consequences of environmental pollution. Petré keeps the impacts of climate change ever-present, as her calm, dispassionate lens witnesses the captivityand release of marine wildlife and the people who attempt to protect it. (AG) Preceded by “Fire Season” (Dir. Quinn Else; 7 min.).


Robin Petré



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